I'm Technical Director of XWiki SAS, a company developing XWiki, an open source second generation wiki. My full bio is available on linkedin.

I'm really interested in anything that can make computer development a better "science", i.e. that helps the software engineering discipline. As a consequence, I've been researching and participating in the following areas over the past few years:

  • Development methodologies and especially applying agile methodologies in the field.
  • Tools / frameworks, especially in the domain of Builds, Tests and generally quality control.
  • Making collaboration easy even from a distance.
You can find my old blog posts here.

Book Authoring


I've created the OSSGTP in 2004 (and still alive and kicking today!) which is a group of French open sourcers, gathering to speak about technology and open source. The list of projects we cover is quite varied.


I'm participating to a monthly Podcast called Les Cast Codeurs talking about Java News (in French), along with Emmanuel Bernard (JBoss, Hibernate), Guillaume Laforge (VMWare, Groovy) and Antonio Goncalves (freelance, book author).

Open source participations

Current open source projects I am still participating to:

Open source projects I have participated to at some point in time but where I'm no longer active:

Latest Public Activities

My latest significant activities (outside coding!):

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