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Jun 28 2017

Voxxed Luxembourg 2017

Last week I've participated to Voxxed Luxembourg. It was a nice event, very well organized, with about 450 participants. Well done PAG!.

I presented a session on Leading a community-driven open source project.

Would love to hear feedback.

May 15 2014

Internals of an open source company: XWiki SAS

I had the pleasure to present at Human Talks. I presented how an open source company works internally and the challenges of handling potentially conflicting interests between business interests and open source interests. My experience is based on the XWiki SAS company and the XWiki open source project.

It was a fun event, held at Mozilla Paris in a very nice room (fun fact: on this picture, which was taken on the day Mozilla opened the office, you can see Ludovic Dubost - with the blue polo -, creator of the XWiki open source project and founder of the XWiki SAS company emoticon_wink).

Thanks Human Talks for the invite!

Feb 04 2014


Another year @ FOSDEM with the XWiki gang: Ludovic, Marius, Anca, Oana and Fabio!

This year though we succeeded in getting dev room (yeah!), a wiki dev room, that I co-organized with Quim Gil from Wikimedia and Jean-Macr Libs from

The XWiki project was lucky to have 6 talks:

It was a nice FOSDEM. We enjoyed Belgian waffles and French fries as usual (although I heard some enjoyed it a bit less than usual since they were on a low-carb diet emoticon_wink).

At the content level, the conference was slightly too low-tech for me, a Java developer. Lots of C/C++ guys and lots of stuff close to the hardware emoticon_wink Not that I don't think it's nice to do that, but rather that I can't participate much. There were some other tracks more of interest to me like the Java dev room (but I was stuck in the wiki dev room at the same time so couldn't join) and the Javascript dev room but this one was so full that it was near impossible to get in...

I'd personally love to see some more room/space given to open source in businesses for the future editions of FOSDEM.

With over 8000 participants it seems it was, once again, a very successful FOSDEM.

See you next year maybe!

Apr 20 2013

CodeCamp Iasi 2013

I'm in Iasi, Romania for 1 week visiting the XWiki SAS Romanian office and I was invited to talk at CodeCamp 2013. It was my first time I spoke in Romania and it was fun!

The conference is nice (about 300 participants I'd say); the only issue for me being that all sessions are in ... Romanian... emoticon_smile

I gave the talk I did at Devoxx France 2013 last month. It's a technical talk and I wasn't sure how it would get appreciated since it requires some prerequisite knowledge of Maven, Jenkins and Software factories in general... Seems people like it overall.

Here are the slides:

Mar 31 2013

Devoxx France 2013

I was very happy to present at Devoxx France again! Big kudo to the organizers, it was a great event. As usual it was great to meet all my Java friends.

This year I was happy to be on 4 events:

Here are the slides and video of my quality on Java projects:

In the slides I mention some Scriptler script to automated modifying all jobs to prevent false positive emails.

A big thank you to Frédéric Bouquet who volunteered during the Hackergarten to work on participating to XWiki. We ended up coding a new CRaSH integration. It's still in progress but I hope we can release a 1.0 version real soon.

See you next year!

Dec 20 2012

Devoxx 2012 Belgium

It was a long since I last attended Devoxx Belgium. It was a pleasure to be there again and meet all my friends. I was also happy to be able to present XWiki even though it was only for a quickie (15 minutes).

I presented the ability to quickly create applications within a wiki with the "Application Within Minute" feature of XWiki.

Here's the video:


Oct 12 2012

XWiki @ the Alpes and Mars JUG 2012

I was invited to speak about XWiki at the Alpes JUG and the Mars JUG on 10th and 11th of October 2012. I gave 3 presentations at each JUG:

  • Presentation of XWiki from a user point of view (sorry, no slides since this was done purely as a demo) (30 mn)
  • Explain how XWiki can be used to develop web applications quickly and why it can be considered a development platform (1.5 hours)
  • Present how the XWiki open source development is performed (1 hour)

I had a great time at both JUGs. The Mars JUG was a bit more active than the Alpes one with over 30 persons present vs 15 (come on guys, now you need to beat the Mars JUG next time! emoticon_wink). 

OTOH my stay at Grenoble was a bit safer than the Marseille trip... Indeed, I got to witness a murder in Marseille a few minutes after it happened...

On the food topic, I had some great sushis with Julien Viet in Marseille (seems the murder we witnessed didn't make us loose our appetite... emoticon_wink).

Ok so here are the slides (I also did lots of demo during the talk and unfortunately you won't be able to see them - I also spoke a lot more than on the slides, sorry about that - But then you should haven been there! ).

Thanks to Emmanuel Hugonnet and Julien Viet for inviting me.

Jun 21 2012

Breizhcamp 2012: XWiki used to build a Conference Site

Breizhcamp 2012 was a very nice conference (200 attendees roughly) organized by Nicolas DeLoof and friends.

I had the opportunity to present XWiki and more specifically I did a demonstration of XWiki used as a web development platform to construct a possible Breizhcamp 2013 web site, featuring the ability to register talks and speakers, and automatically generate a session calendar based on the entered talks. Ability to see all speaker avatars and to search for sessions. Also demonstrated how to apply a Boostrap-based skin to make the site look like a web site.

I also had some fun showing how to import Gravatars automatically using a Groovy Script.

In addition I also got to record a live LesCastCodeurs episode.

Well done to Nicolas and all who helped organize this event. It was very nice and I'll happily come back next year (especially if the website is done using XWiki emoticon_wink).

Here are some screenshots of the result.

Conference home page demo with default XWiki Skin

Creation of the application to register Talks

Registration of Talks

Edition of a Talk

Conference home page demo with the Lyrebird Skin (bootstrap-based)

Calendar generated automatically by the registered Talks
(Technically a wiki page is created to generate JSON with some Groovy scripting on the XWiki Model, this JSON is then used as input for the Javascript Calendar)

Ability to search for Talks with a Livetable
(Note: The Lyrebird Skin used was missing some CSS for a nice Livetable styling)

Dynamic list of all speaker avatars

Oct 30 2011

Paris JUG: The job of Developer

I was happy to be invited to talk about the job of Developer at the Paris JUG along with Jean-Laurent De Morlhon, Regis Medina, Didier Girard  and Gregory Weinbach.

The idea was to give a glimpse about how we became developers through our personal experience so that younger developers or developers-to-be could understand what it means to be a developer.

We then tried to answer questions from the room.

The pictures of the even have now been put online:

It was a great event and as you can see from the pictures I enjoyed it a lot! emoticon_smile

Thanks Nicolas for organizing this.

Sep 14 2011

Lausanne JUG: XWiki

Last week I've presented 2 sessions at the Lausanne JUG (organized by Philippe Kernevez from OCTO Technology:

There were 20-30 people attending and I've had a lot of fun presenting. The evening was followed by a dinner with several attendees. I've had a very nice time! 

The presentation slides are available with voiceover and videos of demos on

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