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Jan 08 2009

As of January 2009 there are now 14 active open source committers who work daily on the XWiki code. The number of active committers have grown tremendously in the past year (we were roughly half of that a year ago). As a consequence the upcoming XWiki Enterprise release will be feature rich (some of the features are already in XWiki Enterprise 1.7) and the following features are all nearing completion:

  • New Wiki Syntax 2.0
  • New Rendering engine
    • Much faster
    • Way more powerful. We're now parsing document content and generating an internal object structure for it. Amongst other things it allows scripts to act on page content (semantic transformations are now possible and easy).
    • Polyglot. We now support several wiki syntaxes at once (you can choose the syntax on a page by page basis).
  • New WYSIWYG editor (based on GWT). We've rewritten from scratch our WYSIWYG editor to provide an editor that is performant, robust and that just works (none of the WYSIWYG editors we've tried out there were working! More on that in a future post)
  • Full WebDAV support
  • Office Import. All types of documents are going to be supported (old Microsoft Office formats, Open Office, etc).
  • Microsoft Office Plugin for editing and publishing wiki content directly from Microsoft Word.
  • New Query Manager (called XWQL, it's a JPQL superset) to easily create queries to query anything in the wiki. For example: 
"where doc.author = 'XWiki.JohnDoe' and doc.object(XWiki.XWikiUsers).email like '%xwiki.org'"
  • XWiki IDE (a.k.a XEclipse) with Syntax Coloring and auto completion on APIs:{xeclipse.png}

... and more (subject for another post)

All these are planned for March 2009. 2009 is looking to be a great year for the XWiki project.

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