Dagstuhl 2018

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Mar 21 2018

I had the honor of being invited to a seminar on "Automatic Quality Assurance and Release" at Dagstuhl by Benoit Baudry (we collaborate together on the STAMP research project).

Dagstuhl is in the middle of nowhere but it was worth it emoticon_wink The venue is very nice. It's basically a seminar factory. Every year there are calls for seminars and you can propose research seminars.

It's subsidized by the German government and as such, the price is very low: you pay 50 euros per day and that includes everything: room, 3 meals, seminar rooms, etc. I don't know if something similar exists in France. That seems like a great idea to attract researchers from all over the world.

The seminars are generally organized as unconferences. In our case we had some talks planned every 1/2 day and that kicked of various discussion groups. Each group had a leader in charge of making sure that each session got an output in the form of a blog post (with you'll be able to find when they're published on the seminar page. I led a session on Onboarding developers.

At Dagstuhl they also have a huge and amazing book library (physical books, tens of thousands!). And they do a fun thing which I find was a nice touch: when a seminar is organized they gather all the books they have that have been written by the participants and they display them on shelf so that the authors can sign them. I got to sign the JUnit in Action book emoticon_wink


It was a very nice experience and the first time I was participating to a research seminar organized by academia. I'm looking forward for my next seminar at Dagstuhl!

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