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Jan 29 2009

I had the pleasure of presenting the XWiki 2009 Roadmap at a breakfast event organized by XWiki SAS.

I started the presentation by showing XWiki project stats for 2008, showing how active XWiki development is (see slides 3 and 4):

  • Downloads in 2008: > 130K (double the downloads of 2007)
  • Number of releases in 2008: 65 (13 final releases and 52 milestone releases)
  • Active committers: 14 (double the active committers in 2007)
  • Mailing list activity is exploding since 2008

Live stats can be also be found on SVNSearch (See this blog post for details on SVNSearch).

Here are the slides I presented (sorry they are in French and I did several demos you cannot see obviously):

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