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Apr 26 2011

Geek Snow Camp 2011

The OSSGTP and Les CastCodeurs have organized a 2 days Snow Camp in France at Les 2 Alpes 3 weeks ago (April 2011). I was there with 20 or so other geeks and we had a great time skiing and discussing of technology and of our open source projects.

Just to name a few:

  • Emmanuel Bernard – JBoss by Red Hat
  • Henry Gomez – eXo Platform
  • Mathilde Lemée - Independant
  • Ludovic Poitou ForgeRock
  • Julien Viet – eXo Platform
  • Christophe Laprun – JBoss by Red Hat
  • Alain Defrance – eXo Platform
  • Miguel Moquillon - Silverpeas
  • Arnaud Heritier – eXo Platform
  • Emmanuel Hugonet – Silverpeas
  • Jean-Laurent Morlhon - Xebia
  • Paul Sandoz – CloudBees
  • Vincent Massol – XWiki
  • Jean-Baptiste Lemée – Independant
  • Emmanuel Lécharny – Iktek


I was lucky to have Emmanuel Bernard as a private Git coach emoticon_wink He's a good teacher who makes you learn fast. Just try to make a mistake and you'll see what happens... emoticon_wink XWiki was just moving to Git (and GitHub) and I was in need of a quick training session to get me started. I got help from the other geeks too and that's when I discovered that Git wasn't an exact science... everyone has his own way of using it and there are lots of ways of doing the same thing... 

I had some fun coding a quick GitHub integration in XWiki too using Groovy.

On the second day we recorded a special LesCastCodeurs podcast; we arranged 15 geeks around a table and launched some tech topics at random to get a discussion started. The result is available here (in French).

Let's do this again next year!

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